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Creating DSC Configurations with DscBaseline

DSC Overview

  1. DSC Overview for Developers
  2. DSC Overview for Decision Makers
  3. DSC Overview for Engineers

DscBaseline Overview

  1. Security Policy — Account Policy (SecurityPolicyDsc)
  2. Security Policy — Security Option (SecurityPolicyDsc)
  3. Security Policy — User Rights Assignment (SecurityPolicyDsc)
  4. Audit Policy (AuditPolicyDsc)
  5. Network (NetworkingDsc)
  6. Services (PSDscResources)
  7. *Group Policy — EXPERIMENTAL. See known issues for details. (PSDscResources)

Installing and Importing

PS C:\> Install-Module DscBaseline
PS C:\> Import-Module DscBaseline
PS C:\> Import-Module C:\DscBaseline\DscBaseline.psd1

Launching DscBaseline

DscBaseline usage and output


  1. There is a return statement early in the script to prevent accidentally running the configuration. If you wish to proceed, just remove or comment out that line.
  2. Set-LcmSetting is configured -RebootNodeIfNeeded $false. If you’re testing on a private VM you may want to change this setting to $true.

Review Configuration Files Before Use

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