Force Microsoft Windows Service Settings

Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

When working with Microsoft Windows services, most use services.msc. To launch, simply type services.msc into the Run dialog box and click OK. Some services cannot be modified via this MMC. For example, ClipSVC has the Startup Type drop-down grayed out thus preventing any configuration changes.

grayed out service properties.

Command Line (cmd.exe)

The sc command has been commonly used to modify services since the early days. Unfortunately it too returns an error when trying to modify ClipSVC.

sc config command results in access is denied.


The Set-Service PowerShell cmdlet errors out as well as the following shows.

powershell set-service error


The best method for disabling a service, or specifying any service property for that matter, is to use the registry. Service configurations are stored under the following registry key:

Set-ItemProperty -Path HKLM:\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\ClipSVC -Name Start -Value 4

Desired State Configuration (DSC)

As mentioned above, this issue was found when implementing DSC on Windows Server 2019. Configuration would result in a failed state since the service configurations failed. Each failed service then got a registry setting (example below) to go along with it’s service configuration to workaround the permissions issue. After a reboot, DSC successfully completes.

clipsvc dsc registry config

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